2006 Yacht production for “CANTIERI DI SARNICO”, one of the most well known shipyards in the world for the construction of luxury watercraft.
   2008 Technical office and marketing office.
CAD - CAM Integrated designing for designed furnishings began.

1995 LPL Arredamenti became partner in the furnishings of CAPOFERRI SERRAMENTI s.p.a leader in window & door frames reference point also for the Architect Renzo Piano.     2003 We introduced the a numerical work control centre and CAD software for designing.

1985 The collaboration between designers and leading architects in Brescia, Bergamo and Milan began.    1986

Young apprentices began under the guidance of our Masters.
The designers push us towards streamlining our technology anf know how.

1980 Pasquale Archetti and Paolo Stefini founded LPL Arredamenti snc specialists in the production of furnishings for U.L.D.B. watercraft.    1981 We began the production of fitted furnishings & furniture for our private clientele.